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Erik R. Persiani

Erik R. Persiani, D.C. Erik R. Persiani, D.C. is board certified in acupuncture and currently a licensed chiropractic physician in both Florida and Illinois. Dr. Persiani received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois located in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Dr. Persiani also earned his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University.

Dr. Persiani is a currently a member of the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, American Chiropractic Association and Florida Chiropractic Association.

Irina Persiani
LMT MA73145

Irina is a graduate of Source Institute of Massage Therapy & Bodywork and licensed by Florida Department of Health and also is a current member of Florida State Massage Therapy Association.

Irina became interested in massage therapy as an alternative form of pain relief after she witnessed her husband Erik Persiani, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, working with his patients to get them pain free and living healthier lifestyles. Then, she realized that joining Dr. Persianiís practice at White Sands Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. as an extension of the existing services would be beneficial for the patients of the clinic. Irina believes that EVERYONE can benefit from massage and that massage keeps body balanced and healthy.

Irina is very caring and truly enjoys helping people through the practice of massage therapy.